Oak Ridge – Kroger Marketplace

Oak Ridge, TN | Retail Development

This large assemblage totaled over 25 acres and was purchased by The Kroger Co. The property consisted of 53 homes, two hotels, a restaurant, closed day care and a Church; all of which were demolished.  Kroger began construction in June of 2013 and the center opened in June of 2014.

The site is located at Oak Ridge Turnpike & Illinois Avenue.  While a new traffic signal was approved and installed at Illinois Avenue & Ivanhoe Road, the site also has access to traffic signals located at the intersections of Oak Ridge Turnpike & Illinois Road and Oak Ridge Turnpike & Robertsville Road.


1550 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Project Contacts
Chris Senn Office: (706) 722-6728 Cell: (706) 854-6728 Fax: (706) 722-6960
Tommy Saul Office: (706) 722-5565 Cell: (706) 854-6720 Fax: (706) 722-6960
Rhodes Seeger Office: (706) 722-5565 Cell: (706) 854-6723 Fax: (706) 722-6960