Brad Sterling

Construction Manager

With over 35 years of construction experience throughout the US, Mr. Sterling handles the planning, construction, and administration of development projects at Southeastern. These projects consist of site development, tenant improvements, and the erection of commercial, industrial, and hospitality buildings. Mr. Sterling is involved in the bidding process, reviewing and writing contracts, project administration, scheduling, and quality monitoring during the construction phases. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in 1979 from Purdue University in Building Construction Technology. He has worked on a variety of construction projects in the southwest, southeast, and midwest, with responsibilities as field engineer, estimator, project manager, project controller, and construction manager. The projects that Mr. Sterling has worked on range in scope between $50,000 to $450 million and include industrial facilities, hotels, offices, schools, condominiums, hospitals, libraries, and entertainment facilities.

Contact Brad Sterling Office: (706) 722-5565 Cell: 706.854.6730 Fax: (706) 722-6960