ArborGen Research Facility Nearly Complete

Construction on the new corporate headquarters for ArborGen, a forest research facility located in Summerville, SC and jointly owned by MeadWestvaco, International Paper, and Rubicon, is over a month ahead of schedule and nearly completed.  Southeastern, which will own the building long term, completed the building shell in September 2011, all exterior improvements in December 2011, and interior finishes in January 2011.  The building was delivered to ArborGen at the end of January, and they are currently operating out of the new facility. Miscellaneous finishing touches, including the installation of shutters, signage, and parking lot lights, are currently underway.

The world’s largest commercial provider of tree planting stock, ArborGen sells approximately 275 million trees annually.  The company develops seedling products that significantly improve the productivity of land by producing trees that grow faster, yield more wood, are more resistant to cold and disease, and can be processed more efficiently. Producing a higher quality of wood in a shorter period of time, these trees improve the productivity and sustainability of forests to meet the world’s growing need for wood, fiber, and energy.  ArborGen planted the company’s 10 billionth seedling on November 15, 2011 at the site of the new headquarters.  Visit the ArborGen website for more information.