Investment Opportunities

Southeastern has a long-standing history of successfully raising equity from third-party investors for more than two decades. Initially, investments were made on a project-by-project basis. However, in 2008, the company transitioned to a strategy of raising equity through private investment funds managed by entities affiliated with the company. Presently, Southeastern serves as the sponsor of six successful funds, including Oak Fund I, Oak Opportunity Investments, Oak Fund III, Oak Fund IV, Oak Fund V, and Oak Fund VI. All of these funds have been fully subscribed and are currently closed to new investors, with the exception of Oak Fund VI, which is currently accepting subscriptions.

For inquiries or further information about our current fund, Oak Fund VI, please do not hesitate to contact Danny Hellams at 706-829-0567 /, or Blake Smith at 706-854-6715 / We would be pleased to provide you with detailed insights and discuss potential investment opportunities.

The funds raised through our platform are typically utilized to provide equity for new commercial real estate development projects and to acquire undervalued real estate. Each Fund follows a strategy aimed at providing investors with geographical and product type diversification. A typical Fund may invest in various property types, including retail, multi-family, hotels, and other commercial real estate, primarily located throughout the Southeastern United States.


Oak Fund I, our inaugural fund, was initiated in 2008 with the objective of investing in operating entities that will acquire and subsequently develop, maintain, finance, manage, operate, lease, and ultimately sell real estate properties that meet the Fund’s investment criteria. The Manager of Oak Fund I was Oak Capital, LLC. The fund was open for investment for approximately 12 months during 2008-2009 and successfully garnered $12,000,000 in total accredited investor subscriptions. The Fund officially liquidated in 2019 and delivered positive financial results.


Our second major fund, Oak Opportunity Investments, was initiated in 2009 to capitalize on prevailing dislocations in the commercial real estate sector of the economy. The Fund acquired distressed and undervalued real estate assets, distressed loans, and loans collateralized by distressed real estate assets on an opportunistic basis. It also pursued new developments to leverage lower construction costs. The Manager of Oak Opportunity Investments is Oak Capital II, LLC. The Fund was open for investment for 12 months during 2010-2011 and successfully secured approximately $13,000,000 in total accredited investor subscriptions. The fund is currently invested in three remaining properties and is delivering positive financial results. All of the original equity of $13,000,000 has been returned to investors.


Oak Fund III, LLC was initiated in October 2012 with a similar purpose as Oak Opportunity Investments, LLC, which was to capitalize on dislocations in the commercial real estate sector and identify new development opportunities in strategic locations throughout the Southeast. The Manager of Oak Fund III is Oak Capital III, LLC. This offering of $25,000,000 is fully subscribed by accredited investors and is closed to new investors. The Fund has investments in five remaining properties and has been delivering positive financial results. All of the original equity of $25,000,000 has been returned to investors.


Oak Fund IV, LLC was initiated in February 2015 and was fully subscribed at $25,000,000 by accredited investors within 5 months. The Manager of Oak Fund IV is Oak Capital IV, LLC. The Fund focused on strategic new development, often combined with former distressed assets such as land. The Fund is fully committed and has investments in five remaining properties. All of the original equity of $25,000,000 has been returned to investors.


Oak Fund V, LLC is a recently launched fund that successfully raised $55 million in equity between 2018 and 2020. The Fund’s investment strategy centers around the development of class A multifamily properties, along with investments in two limited-service hotels. With strong demand and successful fundraising efforts, Oak Fund V, LLC is presently closed to new investments. The Fund currently has eleven active investments spanning six different states, showcasing its diversified portfolio.


Oak Fund VI, LLC is a newly established fund actively raising equity and welcoming new investors. The Fund’s investment portfolio primarily focuses on future class A multifamily developments, currently comprising a total of nine properties. Following the success of Oak Fund V, we aim to raise an additional $55 million for Oak Fund VI. With its strategic focus on properties in the Southeastern United States, Oak Fund VI, LLC presents an attractive opportunity for interested parties seeking to participate in its investments.